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To Our Users

Your life and property safety in your home and your workplace is very important. Therefore, making a selection of the steel door is a very important issue. Keep in mind that this selection is not any household equipment selection. You must give the most rational decision once in the beginning. For that reason, if you really want to make safe and high quality steel door selection, for your own benefit, please search the following criteria for steel door which you will select.
  • Pay attention to obtain your steel door from manufacturing industries.
  • Is there a TSE certificate of products?
  • At what levels are service competence certificates after warranty and sales?
  • What are the references? Does it have made big and serious projects? If it does, what is the number of such projects?
  • Does it give clear and annotated (non-evasive) answers to your all questions which you ask about safety of the product which you will choose?
  • Are edges and casing covers of steel door coating on MDF or pasted over metal sheet?
If steel doors which we will choose are appropriate to all criteria above, you should also know the correct installation of the steel door, so that you can ask to company that we are facing.
Detailed measure should be made for the place of manufacture will be made. Case, leaf and the lock assembly which installed in leaf of manufactured steel door should be without error. Lock guards must be steel. Manufacturer firm should design the installation of the steel door leaf, case and locks in the leaf and protective steel armour in a way that it does not allow to interfere on the purpose of theft. The most accurate model in the installation of the steel door to its place is installing 5 cm MDF blind casing to the wall by nailing 15 cm steel shafts. Metal inner casing is again installed on the outer casing without spacing and door leaf is hanged, its balance is checked. And installation is completed by mounting the edge. This type of installation could not be done in Turkey anyone other than several leading companies for the steel door. For the reason that this system is the most secure but the time-consuming system. Average installation duration of the steel door is around 4 hours and its costs are high. In the other systems, steel door does not install securely and installation of steel door does not exceed a maximum of 1 hour. In the steel door installation by MDF blind casing on the wall by steel anchor shafts, later efforts to open the steel door by jimmy and lifting jack (on the purposes of theft) gives a negative result. Compare to the concrete filling method, it has the advantage not to disperse the explosion.Companies that we called in the market as under the counter prefers concrete filling systems and usually cheap and non- security steel doors are used in such companies. Therefore, ask to your manufacturer the steel door installation method. Another question to ask to your manufacturer of steel door is on the security of steel door leaf. Are the inner parts of places where steel door locks have been mounted in appropriate design for the external intervention? Are there the key protectors? Is it with shield? Are the parts which contain the fixed and movable shafts resistant to impact and intervention? 
* So, what will be the view of your door model, if answers to all the above questions are positive? You can search for answer to the question which model it is. Here, you should consider what the steel door coating and models are, how the labor of coating is, and see the examples in the company manufacturing steel doors. The properties of the materials used (coating, locks, wax, fillers, varnishes, and steel) should be asked. For all these above reasons, when a real, reliable and qualified steel door is indicated in TURKEY, İÇK İSTANBUL STEEL DOOR INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD. becomes the one of the first company that comes to the mind. 
Our quality and your trust in us in steel door is our pride. As İÇK İSTANBUL STEEL DOOR INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD, our users' safety and happiness are our most fundamental purpose of existence.